Fertility Consultation
This consultation is a necessary step prior to your first at-home insemination.

A primer on understanding your cycles, the root fertility chart, personalized recommendations for optimizing fertility and identifying your fertile window. I can come to your home for this consultation, or we can do the consultation on the phone or via video chat.

After the consultation, I will be available via email for a three month period to review your charts (you will email them to me at the end of each cycle) and answer any questions regarding your fertility and conception process. This is included in the Fertility Consultation fee, so please feel free to email me at any time with questions or concerns.

For those of you who are just beginning this journey, I can also cover the following topics during your consultation:
How do I start to think about getting pregnant? Where do I get sperm? What are my options? What are the legal considerations in terms of the type of donor I plan to use?

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)
After helping you identify your most fertile days, I will come to your home and perform an insemination. Having this process done in your home will allow you to stay most relaxed during and after the insemination, and increased relaxation/decreased stress has been shown to increase your chances of conception.